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Be part of the solution, not the problem! Make yours a sustainable home!

One third of the nation’s energy consumption is domestic, and 27% of carbon emissions originate in the home. If we are serious about cutting energy consumption and our carbon footprint, we need to start by tackling consumption at home, and by generating much more energy from renewable resources.

It is not surprising that successive governments have brought in three key policies to help you CUT YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION and SAVE MONEY!

These policies are as follows:

1) The Feed-in Tariff (current): Install solar PV panels to generate free electricity and earn a 10% return on your investment! The Feed-in Tariff is a subsidy paid in respect of every unit of electricity generated by a solar system for 20 years!

2) The Renewable Heat Incentive: Install a renewable heat source ( biomass boiler, air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, or solar thermal panels) and benefit from generous upfront subsidies and proposed subsidies funding “20 years’ worth of heat” over 7 years. The payback time on your investment will be around eight to nine years. You then enjoy years and years of VERY LOW fuel bills.

The measures highlighted above will:

1) Cut your fuel bills and SAVE YOU MONEY. You will also EARN AN INCOME under the Feed-In Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive.

2) Protect you from future rises in energy prices.

3) Reduce your carbon footprint!

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